Thursday, April 18, 2013

Science Websites for Children

The following websites are all great for children to visit and learn more about science and the world in which they live!

1. The Weather Channel: Kids!

The Weather Channel's website for kids has a "Weather Center" where you can make your own weather forecasts, weather games, video clips, weather safety information, and a "WeatherED" section of the website for educators.

2. Discovery Kids

The Discovery Channel's website for kids includes games, activities, puzzles, quizes, and a really neat "Tell Me" section that answers questions kids (and adults!) may have about the world, such as, "What are allergies?" and "Do vampire bats drink blood?"

3. Disney Educational Productions

The subheading of this section of Disney's website is "Watch it! Print it! Try it! - It's 'Try This' Science!" Children have access to seven video demonstrations of science experiments performed by kids, plus a printable set of instructions. This really is science by kids, for kids!

4. ZOOMsci

Another great "by kids, for kids" website is this science section of the popular PBS Kids show ZOOM. Dozens of science experiences are listed in categories like chemistry, engineering, and water. Almost all of the experiments were submitted by children, and so they are almost guaranteed to be kid-friendly.

5. National Geographic Kids

The NatGeo Kids website contains lots of great games, videos, photos, information about different countries, and more. The science sections has many thought-provoking experiments for kids, including, "Try to Make an Ant Get Lost" and "Squishy Egg-speriment." Definitely a great way to get kids interested in science!

6. Science News for Kids

A publication of the Society for Science & the Public, this website provides kids access to scientific news articles in the areas of earth and sky, atoms and forces, humans and health, life, tech and math, and more. A great resource for research papers!

7. Science Sparks

Yet another great website for science experiments and activities for kids! The great thing about these is that they can easily be done at home; for example, "How to make an egg shell disappear without touching it?" and "Make a mini water cycle."

8. Growing with Science Blog

Growing with Science is the blog of Roberta, a biologist and writer. Her blog is used by many educators and would be a great resource both at home and in the classroom. With series such as "Bug of the Week" and "Seed of the Week," this is a great way for kids who love the internet to interact with science.

9. Brain Pop Science

Brain Pop is a very fun website for kids! It features the videos of Tim and Moby, cartoon characters who learn about science (and other subjects) together. Many of the videos require a subscription (that many schools have), but there are also free videos on such topics as matter and chemistry, cellular structure, energy, and space.

10. Energy Kids

This website for kids from the U.S. Energy Information Administration has games and activities, sections answering the question "What is Energy?" and the history of energy, energy calculators, and a section just for teachers. A great place for kids to learn more about energy!

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